Friday, May 3, 2013

A mockingbird taught me

So much to has been almost a year!  And a year full of wonderful and not-so-wonderful moments & experiences.  And I want to recap all that--but now is not the time.  I am exhausted from reading and grading a multitude of student work as my semester ends--yipee!!!  I love school.  I love learning and teaching.  I love education.  I love the academic year--mostly because of what is coming--summer break!!!  Which for me is part lounging through the days on adventures and at the beach, but also because it's time to relax and reflect.  And I have much to say!  later...

For now, what inspired me to write was a homeschool moment with my son, (from here on out referred to as "8"), today.  We have become avid bird watchers around here.  Last year we began creating Life Lists, and this year we extended that to participating in a Cornell Lab of Orinthology feeder watch--including putting up two feeders here in our city oasis.  We have also committed to a "Big Year", in which we are keeping track of all the different species of birds we see in 2013.  Our upcoming trip across country will certainly help us reach a high count!  And we continue our addiction to bird cams--now including eagles, herons, hawks, and backyard birds.

8 has often brought up a conflict he has with a museum exhibit at MOS Boston on the pattern of wing movements by birds.  He has experienced the exhibit several times, which (allegedly) mimics a real birds wing movements as it flies.  He has on more than one occasion remarked that he has observed different wing movements on certain species.  Today he demonstrated the movement of a mockingbird's wings as it flies away from our feeder.  he stated, "This is how a mockingbird flies" and demonstrated with his arms--different from the museum exhibit--which he also noted.  When I asked him how he knew that, he replied, "A mockingbird taught me."

I believe this serves as evidence of a budding naturalist and an understanding of the powerful learning tool of observation.  :)  good to be reflecting/blogging again!

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