Saturday, June 9, 2012

our new backyard

exploring along the Charles
 This is where we have been spending much time lately as Daddy is taking sailing lessons 2-3 days a week.  It was a gift for him, and it has been a gift for us as well.  While dad's learning about jibs, leeward winds, and other cool boating stuff, we have been lounging in what feels like our new backyard.  We have found our own special spots and developed a bit of a routine that includes picnicking, watercolor painting, "fishing" along the shore of the river, riding bikes, and just generally exploring.  We've been out in the rain, sun, in the morning, afternoon, and dusk.  I know I've developed more of an appreciation for how accessible this wonderful spot is to us, and I'm really enjoying watching my kids grow familiar and comfortable here.  It really does feel like it's ours, and that is a neat aspect of city life--sharing spots like this with a million strangers, yet each of us feeling ownership and personal connections to the space.
searching for river monsters with some geese friends

an exciting find--dead blue gill

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